Where Are Our Priorities?

I am writing today about some things that weigh heavy on my heart from time to time. I cannot stay lighthearted on this post today because of the critical nature of the subject matter. So bear with me and let’s think about what is happening to our precious youth in America.

youthThe recent legalization to legalize marijuana by the state of Colorado sparked the writing of this post. More on that later, but that action coupled with the facts of where our education system has been headed over the past 30-35 years is, in my estimation, a cause for alarm.

Did you know that after WWII, America had the number one high school graduation rate in the world? Today we are 22nd among the top 27 industrialized countries. American students rank 25th in math, 17th in science and 14th in reading among the same countries. Only 2/3 of eighth graders read proficiently. Almost 3/4 of eighth grade and twelfth grade students cannot write proficiently. Just 46 per cent of American students finish college, that is dead last among 18 countries measured. 1/3 of our students must take remedial courses in college because 25 per cent of them are not ready for college out of high school in reading, English, math or science. 2/3 of our nation’s college professors agree that what is taught in high schools is not preparing the student for college.

Remember the famous line in the movie The Body Snatchers, “Where did everybody go!?” That seems to be the question for today. Where did everybody go that is concerned with our youths’ existence today and in the future as guardians of our society and culture? Where did everybody go that desires our youth to excel in more than entertainment, sports statistics and money, video games and mindless items of discussion? (I refuse to elevate what I have heard to the rank of conversation.) Where did everybody go that understands the value of learning basic core skills like English, reading, math and science? Where did everybody go that will demand, and not back down from demanding, that students gain these skills before being promoted just for the teacher’s convenience? All this is without even mentioning the historical revisionists or the dangers of the Common Core curriculum that some are attempting to force upon our state education systems.

youth7For the past 30-35 years our education system has been pouring into the minds of our young the lie that American capitalism is wrong, dangerous and even evil. Prevalent in the 20th Century was the idea of self-employment, the American dream of working hard and making your own way for yourself and your family. Consequently, 90 per cent of Americans worked for themselves and only 10 per cent worked for an employer. The economy was strong and American ingenuity thrived. Today it is just the opposite, 10 per cent are entrepreneurs and 90 per cent work for the man, the man that tells them when to get to work and when they can get off. And the drive to accomplish more withers, un-nourished.

The message being passed to our next generation is to seek employment and not be creative; to seek security and not take chances. But gone are the days when you could hire on to a solid company and plan on working there for 25 or 30 years and then enjoy a great retirement package. Therefore, jobs of less consequence are found and young people are content with the menial. Even the educated are not able to find jobs in their field of choice.

(May I say here that there are pockets of sharp young minds in America, mostly home schooled I might add. We need more. God bless them and may they develop and multiply.)

youth1But the education and job crisis is real and is contributing to the dumbing down of our younger generations. And added to this plot is the inane move of the Colorado legislature to legalize the recreational use of marijuana.

The questions that I have in the face of this travesty are:

. How many other states will follow suit?

. How many people from out of state will go there to purchase the weed and transport it, illegally, across state lines?

. This is uncharted water. Do we really want to risk the detriment this can bring to our kids so they can enjoy this legal high?

. How many people will escalate to harder drugs because of their introduction to legal pot?

This legislative move is expected to bring $67 million to the Colorado coffers this year and explode into a billion dollar industry. Is it truly worth it, Colorado, America or whoever is listening!? Is it really worth taking the risk of many vibrant young brains becoming mush?

youth2I speak from experience, my own and other friends. But for the grace of God…This is not to be viewed as a harmless experiment, an effort to placate the youthful desires in hopes that it will be left behind some day by the logical thinking ones. No, this is very serious and an avenue of potential destruction for our young.

Where is everybody!? Where is everybody that has a moral conscience and logical thought processes!? May God have mercy on us as we stand by and watch people dither away at mindless, useless endeavors in an effort to fulfill excitement in their lives; their feeble stab at reality and purpose.

The prophet Isaiah said it well, “Woe to those that call evil good and good evil.” (Isa 5:20)

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