When Is Enough…Enough?

technology5Two friends of mine are determined to rebel against technology. Each one is very successful in his respective field. One currently is a business owner and the other a retired business owner and involved in local city government currently.

But these guys are determined to rid themselves of the electronic handcuff of the iPhone. Both have stated that when their current responsibilities are complete, that pocket demon will be exorcised from their daily lives. They will acquire a flip phone with no texting or incoming calls and be perfectly content with their peace of mind. (Of course I call them old codgers that are getting grumpier by the day.)

technology4Maybe there’s a lot to be said for this attitude, however. Have you ever reached a point that enough is enough? Have you ever thought how much we are inundated with information every day? It’s difficult to keep it all in perspective sometimes. Have you ever wanted to scream, “Time out! I can’t take it anymore!”

At just the wrong time you are susceptible to receiving three texts and two phone calls at the same time while your email is continually alerting your phone, iPad or tablet. All the while your Tweets are tweeting, Chirps are chirping and your Peeps are peeping! It can push you to a major frustration level.

 Did you know?

. Over 294 billion emails are sent each day


. Many more than 100 trillion (yes, with a “t”) emails are sent yearly

. 3.5 million emails are sent every second

. 90% of all emails are spam or viruses

. Spam costs businesses over $200 billion in decreased productivity and technology expense

. Retailers send an average of 16 emails per subscriber in busy months

. 77% of us want to get marketing messages via email; and there is no close second place

I mean, it’s no wonder everyone is edgy these days. Job pressure, family pressure, economic pressure – and we add to it by our total involvement in social media and encouraging the barrage of information we receive daily.

Like the old song says, “Make the world go away!”

 technologyBut that’s the world we live in and I can understand my two friends’ frustration. But the world is not going away. We must live in it and survive in it. We can’t pull within ourselves, refuse the information and stick our heads in the sand.

No, to some degree we must be connected to what is going on with and in our world, without being driven to the nut house because of it. These are important times for our nation and culture and personally for each of us. We can’t afford to not be aware of the times and to take opportunities to be a positive influence in our areas of responsibility.

As always, the Bible has a word for us during these times. “…even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.” (Daniel 12:4) Well, we can certainly attest to the fact that knowledge has increased and it seems everyone is running to and fro.

I encourage us all to influence our times positively and not let the times influence us in a negative way. Life is too short to waste.

Now here are some fun facts about email:

. The first email was sent by Ray Tomlinson in 1971 (Sorry, no it was not Al Gore.) while working on an MIT project. He also began using the “at sign” @.


. The @ is known by different names

  . English – “At Sign” typically

  . Dutch – Little monkey tail

  . Chinese – Little mouse

  . German – Spider monkey

. On May 24, 2004 the Morse Code was amended for the first time since WWI when the “@” sign was added. (Dot – Dash Dash – Dot – Dash – Dot)

. Homer Simpson had an email address. One of the writers gave him and it was fun to answer all messages from Homer. This got out of hand because of the flood of incoming emails and was eventually hacked by a spammer.

. During all of Bill Clinton’s presidency, he only sent two emails. One to John Glenn, aboard the Space Shuttle, and one as a test message.

. Being addicted to email is an actual recognized addiction. Emailaholics have support groups and many articles are written on the subject.

 technology1Now you know. So go and wow your friends in a trivia contest.