We Have Our Hang-Ups

hanghang1The old joke goes like this, “What is the difference between a Presbyterian and a Baptist? Answer – The Presbyterian will wave at you in the liquor store.”

There is a lot of truth in that old bromide. Baptists have traditionally been opposed to the consumption of alcohol. Some have enjoyed a brewsky from time to time and no one is the wiser. Still others are staunch tee-totalers and even the thought of the liquid passing their lips brings great consternation.

Baptists are also known for their “get togethers.” These are times of fellowship outside of the normal church activities. There always is great food and fun during these times (no alcohol allowed).


One such time was an after church fellowship one Sunday evening at one of our deacon’s residence. He and his wife provided some great snacks and desserts and everything was going very well.

One of the dishes was small sausages and a sauce to dip them in. It was very tasty and a big hit with the members.

Robert was old school and definitely was one that had shunned alcohol from his youth. (And I’m not saying that’s a bad thing.) He was a very swell guy with a big heart. And he prided himself with the fact that he had never and would never taste any alcoholic beverage.

Robert especially liked the sausage and sauce and was standing there eating one after another, continuing to express his pleasure in these mini delights. Then he made the mistake of asking the host what the sauce was called because he would like to get some for his own use.

The reply came back, “That’s bumpy beer mustard.” Well, if you weren’t looking at the scene, you would have thought someone had grabbed Robert by the throat and was trying to kill him. He began choking & gagging as if it all were coming back up. I thought he was going into convulsion. He was repulsed and couldn’t believe that a Baptist would serve something with beer in it.

Everyone tried to be nice & not have a big laughing exhibition at his expense, but it was funny and I suppose we saw history made that evening, much to his dismay, as he put something in his system that had been tagged as “beer.” (The sauce was excellent, by the way.)

hang3You know, I hope and pray that we can make the main thing the main thing. We have our hang ups and they can hold us up. Jesus said it this way, “You swallow a camel but choke on a gnat.”

Let’s get the pesky gnats out of our lives. They can hamper us from being who God wants us to be. Lighten up and enjoy that Bumpy Beer Mustard sometime.