Rush Springs, Oklahoma is known as the watermelon capital of the world. I bet you probably didn’t know that. Their yearly watermelon festival brings approximately 30,000 people who consume an average 50,000 pounds of melons. Well, it’s true and we have a story for you from there.

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Ronnie, my Pastor friend from Texas was in revival there as the music evangelist with another Pastor from Texas. They had been asked by church members back in Texas to bring some of those great melons back with them.


On the last day of the revival meetings they asked how they could get some of the delicious fruit. One of them wanted 10 and the other needed 7 to carry back to the Lone Star State.

So they asked a church member there how they could obtain their sought treasure. They were told to go to this particular watermelon field and get all they wanted. The field was to be plowed under since it was the end of harvest time.


So these two men of the cloth took their pickup and began scouring that field picking the best of the crop that was left. There was no hesitation to stay within any boundary so they zigged and zagged all over, stopping here and there to gather the best melons


They picked to their delight and carried them off in the back of the truck.

The next day at a diner in town they were telling of their great adventure. Then the store owner overheard their melon harvesting tale and became very upset.

angry man2

It came to light that field belonged to him and he was not pleased that someone (Didn’t realize it was the preachers) had torn up his field and left it with random tire ruts. This had been a practical joke on this proprietor and he wasn’t amused.

They were apologetic and did keep their melons, but the week ended on a sour note.


If you go to Rush Springs today you will have no difficulty finding some who remember that incident. It is a tale the town seemingly will not forget as the Watermelon Capital.


Practical jokes may not be very practical sometimes.