The Whacky, The Tragic

Does it strike you, as it does me, that our society has lost its mind? Does it seem that logical thinking is obsolete, and civility is out of vogue these days? Just when you think that you have heard everything whacky that the human mind can come up with, the next one jumps up and surprises or repulses us.

I mean, come on. Do people really camp for days outside of an Apple store to be the first to get the latest iPhone? Uh…yes, they do. Do they really have “Air Guitar” World Championships? Yep, about 7,000 attendees in Finland this year and many more online. Do people really celebrate a 1500 year old mushroom, covering 37 acres? The annual event is held in Crystal Falls, Michigan.

Of course the crazy is outpaced by the tragic and more serious. We have reached the point in our “evolution” where, we “enlightened” homo sapiens cannot even tell the difference between our sexes! Please tell me this is not happening! But it is, and we offer medical sexual change or emotional choice, depending on how one feels on a particular day. Some parents are determined to let their babies choose their own gender – What!? And you can get in deep doo-doo on some college campuses for making the statement that there are only two genders!

We’ve lost the understanding that two truths cannot conflict or contradict each other. A favorite call today is, “I have my truth and you have yours.” Truth claims are now supposed to be subjective and not objective. “There is no truth” is the self-defeating cry. (Is that true, that there is no truth?). Today, whatever an individual wants to believe should be alright, even if facts prove differently. Sgt. Joe Friday, on the TV show Dragnet, was famous for saying, “Just the facts, ma’am.” I’m afraid he would be laughed out of town today in some circles, because they aren’t necessarily seeking facts, especially if the facts don’t jive with their view.

Our sexually charged society demands the freedom of sex for all, with education reaching to our small children. The demand seems to be to let youth explore without any accountability, emotional baggage or repercussions. No problem, you can always get an abortion to remedy the inconvenience. We apparently learned nothing from the 60’s Flower Children experiment.

The same crowd that pushes for sexual freedom demands that men answer for sexual exploits, even from decades past. Not trying to be sexist, but you still must admit that many women proudly flaunt their bodies by wearing revealing clothing and then join the “Me Too” movement to discredit men who desired to take advantage of the opportunity. Mom always said, “Don’t point your finger; there’s always three pointing back at you.”

Our young are released into the world, having been encouraged to do what they want, when they want, and we expect the world to be a safe place for our families. Being autonomous does not encourage a free society.

The word autonomous comes from two words meaning self-ruled or self-governed. In the vernacular, “I make the rules for me.” The major problem comes when all the autono-mons begin running over each other’s freedoms. The battle cry is “tolerance for my issues because it’s what I want.”

This deceitful path has given birth to suppressing the freedom of many to be able to express and exchange views in the marketplace. Our elected officials are even being forced to leave restaurants with threats of violence, just because of what they stand for. Where is the civility and respect for others? Where is the openness to discuss ideas and concepts?

America’s free society has been successful because free people willingly agree to live within the boundaries of the laws of the land. We have gladly submitted to laws that govern our lives because they are in place to protect our rights and ensure a healthy, civil climate to live in. But the key is that we all willingly choose to live free within the bounds of the law.

Many are fearful that we are witnessing the brink of anarchy in our beloved nation. Radicalized voices shout loudly and, as we know, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Conservatives who say they want to preserve our republic shake their heads and cluck their tongues, but never seem to get anything done to stem the tide. Therefore, freedoms that we all relish are slowly stripped away and we keep living life, while the ones committed to change continue their siren song of death to the free market.

This should not surprise us at all. Decades ago, when it all began to ramp up, our nation demanded that God get out of our business. He is a gentleman, so He did. When that happens, something must fill that void. Since then, it has been a slippery, downhill slope.

May I suggest:

. 1963 – The Supreme Court banned prayer in school. From 1900 to the decade of the 60’s, there were 60 (10 per year) school shootings. From the “supreme” decision until February of 2018, there were 353 school shootings. Coincidence? Not in my book.

. 1980 – The Supreme Court ruled that posting the 10 Commandments in public schools was unconstitutional. (It is strange to me that things like don’t murder, don’t commit adultery and don’t lie are bad for school kids to read.)

. 1992 – The Supreme Court ruled that clergy-led prayer at graduation ceremonies is prohibited.

. 2000 – The Supreme Court banned student led and initiated prayer at football games.

. 2002 – The Judge Roy Moore debacle unfolded, as a federal court ruled against him for placing a 10 Commandment monument at a judicial building in Alabama. (Polls indicated that 77% of Americans were against this ruling. “By the people… for the people,” not necessarily.) Interestingly, the court that made this ruling opened the day with the words, “God save the United States and this court.”

We, of course could go on and on. But the point is that we, as Americans, and the world are heading down paths of uncertainty and danger, and we may not be able to retrace those steps. I’m afraid that the whacky and the tragic are here to stay.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said it well, before an assembly of students at Harvard University. He remembered the days of his childhood, as the Bolshevik Revolution was underway, and the Communists were taking control. He remembered times when his father and grandfather discussed the situation and contemplated why their great country was being torn apart. He recollected his grandfather making the comment, “It is because we have forgotten God.”

As Solzhenitsyn compared what was then to what was happening in America, he made the same comment: that the reason we are disheveled and splintered is because we have forgotten God. The student body of Harvard then booed him fiercely, refusing to agree with the concept that we are accountable to a moral God.

This is where we are as a nation today. We are locked in a struggle of morals, emotions and political agenda that have divided and threaten to uproot the very fabric of our country. It has been stated that we are two nations within one border. We are rapidly approaching a fork in the road, if we haven’t already arrived at it.

The Cheshire Cat told Alice that if you don’t know where you are going, it doesn’t matter which road you take. We should pray that the correct fork in the road will be taken, because it really does matter where we are heading.

After the first Continental Congress, and the form of government had been hammered out by our Founders, Benjamin Franklin was asked, “Well, doctor, what kind of government do we have?” Franklin replied, “A Republic, madam, if you can keep it.”

And that is the issue: whether or not we can now keep it. These are serious times in which we live. My prayer is that we will keep it, that unity will prevail for the sake of freedom, and that we will be stronger on the back side because we will have not forgotten God and all that He has done among us.

“Then take care, lest you forget the Lord…” (Deuteronomy 6:12)