Super Bowl Week

superIt is Super Bowl media hype week and the hype seems very hypie indeed. We have a new national tragedy, you see – Deflate-Gate. The media has flipped its ever-lovin’ lid over how many PSI were in the footballs used by New England during the AFC Championship Game. I mean, “Come on man,” as they say, that was a 45-7 thrashing. Would it have made a difference if the balls were 2.5 PSI more?

I know, the issue is cheating, right? Oh…we don’t like cheaters, do we? We will expose them and find the culprits responsible – or will we? It looks like they will make a scape goat of a lowly equipment manager. Yep, somebody must take the fall and it surely cannot be the head coach or the star QB. Nope, too important a game and there is too much at stake. You just can’t tell me that no one except the equipment manager knew what was going on; that he took it on himself to let the air out of footballs before the big game so his beloved team would have an advantage. Give me a break!


Here’s what blogger Matthew Kory had to say, “At least within my memory there has not been a stupider story in the national sports media than deflate-gate, ball-ghazi, or whatever other idiot moniker they’ve come up with in the last 24 hours.”

Can we get back to realizing this is a game? A game! Now, I am a sports fan and will watch the Super Bowl and many other sports events and I am not an alarmist. But has anyone noticed that the world seems to be on fire these days with tragedy, calamity, wars and destruction on every side. Extremists are ruling the day with their threats and blatant violence. Marriages are falling apart, students cannot read or perform simple math anymore and the economies of the world are teetering.

All of this is not to say in any way that we should run for cover, stash weapons & ammo or head for the mountains to wait it out. No, but I believe we must attempt to put everything in perspective and give the correct priorities. However, I believe the majority of the populace is too worried about Deflate-Gate and other idiotic hype and cannot focus on anything else.

super4There have been sports flaps all through the history of sports and they seem to grow larger & more excitable each time. Maybe this is a way for most people to keep their minds off the more important. I think we can certainly see that most do not want to talk about real solutions to issues. Most would rather bury themselves in the unreal world of sports and movies and let their heroes become those that have never accomplished anything of substance.

Let’s face it, the advice we are fed these days in the media is from people who have lived their lives portraying someone they aren’t & never will be, and from the athletes who have skill on the field, but not much understanding of real life.


Most of the people that make up these two groups have, for all accounts, never held a steady job or worried where the money would come from to support the family for another week. They are all rolling in dollars, but not so keen in the common sense and hard work department.

It is surely a sad day when we see our country torn apart on so many fronts and the leadership of each faction fueling the flames of distrust and hatred. Will we ever truly have a “united” country as before? Will we toss our freedoms overboard so we can keep our entitlements and demand our rights?

super7Will we continue to close our eyes to the important and engross ourselves with trivia hype? I’m afraid that’s probably the case. We are traveling down a slippery slope and there seems to be nothing to grasp so as to break the fall.

But I refuse to end on a negative note. No sir, there is too much to live for and too much good still around that we can relish in. But you don’t find it hanging around the Eeyore’s of life. The nay sayers have no claim on you if you keep focused on what is good and honorable.

I can point you to the proven Scriptures that say, “Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth…whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.” (Colossians 3:2; Philippians 4:8)

 internet12Now that is great advice and worthy of our serious contemplation. Life is happening in vivid colors all around us, but there is hope in Christ. And because of that, life is still worth living. So let the hype and nutty media rave. It’s a game they are talking about, for crying out loud! “But those that wait on The Lord will renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.” (Isaiah 40:31)