The Strange, The Uncertain, The Answer

When Crystal first called me, she was hesitant to explain what she desired me to know and write. Many had already tried to explain away her experiences, even to the point of making her self-conscious about it. Some tried unrealistic remedies, while others attempted to make sense of it and still others told her she should write a book about her experiences. She had picked up one of my cards from a diner where I had left a stack. My card reads “Writing the Stories that Need to be Told.” She lost the first card, picked up another, which was also misplaced and then suddenly it was found on the floorboard of her car.

Crystal wanted to tell her story and she felt that perhaps I could tell it for her. So, she carefully began revealing to me that what she was about to tell me was not normal, but even creepy and unbelievable to many. She wanted answers and confirmation that what she suspected was correct. And she let me know that she would understand if I did not want to take on the task. Of course, I accepted the task and I have only used first names and I’ve changed those to add a level of privacy for the family.

I listened intently as Crystal began explaining the strange occurrences that she and her family and co-workers experienced over an eight-month period. Crystal works in the office of the family business, owned by her son, Lane. The business operates from his house and there are offices sectioned off for the business.

It all started on a Friday in March of 2016. The day was over and Crystal and her co-worker, Tara, were closing the office. Suddenly there were three loud thumps on the wall in the room next to Crystal’s office. They went to see what caused it, but there was nothing to see. Crystal called Lane and he said that it was probably a water heater making noise.

Monday morning the work day began, and nothing happened as long as Lane was there. But as soon as he left, it started again: very loud thumps on the wall in the other room. Then Tara shrieked, “My pens just flew off the desk onto the floor!” Crystal replied, “Mine did too!” Tara came into Crystal’s office and an in-basket on Crystal’s desk began moving across the desk. This was all very unnerving, to say the least!

Crystal explained, “I told Lane, Jimmy and the other guys, but no one believed me. I told them, I’m not just making this up!” Jimmy, one of the techs was the most helpful and saw the situation first hand. One day he was sitting at a computer and Crystal was sitting at her desk, when suddenly all the pens on her desk flew off the desk and onto the floor. Jimmy immediately called Lane and said, “I believe your house is haunted!”

Crystal went to Hobby Lobby and purchased a cross and brought it back to the office, where she placed it on the bed in the bedroom where the loud thumps were heard. Jimmy, Tara and Crystal were in Crystal’s office and they heard a thud. They went to the room and the cross was on the floor. They placed it back on the bed and the same thing happened. The third time, the cross went under the bed.

Tara placed her laptop in the bedroom to record a video of whatever was causing this. In a few minutes, they heard another noise and Jimmy found the cross on top of the laptop, which was continuously cycling on and off. Nothing had been recorded.

This video was from a camera set up in Tara’s office. You’ll see the same plant holder on the floor that will be mentioned later. The cat seems to know something strange is going on. This video, and many more like it, were the only ones that were able to capture anything.


Chuck, one of the technicians, came into Crystal’s office one day. He brazenly said, “I wish it would do something besides just banging on the wall!” He declared, “I’ll take that cross and stick it up you’re a_ _!” Immediately a glass pen holder flew off the desk and shattered at his feet. Tara screamed, and Chuck changed his arrogant attitude and began saying, “I’m a nice guy! I can be reasoned with…” Crystal told him, “This is a demon and it doesn’t care about you or to reason with you! Just leave and go to work.” He was more than happy to do just that!

I interject here and say that, yes, I believe this office has been tormented by a demon. Please continue reading and see why this is believed and how things escalated, the remedies sought and the genuine answer to these situations. It is a spiritual problem and must be dealt with accordingly.

Crystal and Tara had been outside in the back yard. When they came back in, a lighted candle was sitting in the middle of the floor, which neither of them had lighted, pillows were laying by the back door and they would be thrown about at times.

This picture of Crystal’s family sits on a shelf in her office. She walked out of the office once and upon return, it was on the floor with a candle burning beside it.

Things began to intensify one morning when Lane left the office. All of a sudden, a screwdriver was thrown down the hallway. Then a kitchen knife was thrown down the hall. Crystal picked them up and placed them back in the drawer and later all the knives in the set were thrown down the hall. A camera was placed in the hallway to record these events. Crystal said, “It knew there was a camera and stopped throwing things down the hall. It would stop activity just short of the camera’s range. Some days I was brave,” Crystal remembers, “and some days I wasn’t. I just wanted out of there that day. So, I went outside to the property next door and called Lane to take me home.”

The next level of harassment was when it moved to the high-tech environment. The banging on the walls continued and it would be so loud that telephone conversations with customers were interrupted. While speaking with customers on the phone, the numbers on the keypad were activated and it would be impossible to continue because of the tones over the conversation. Telephones were replaced, which did not solve the problem. Line one would call line two and voice mails were left with growling sounds or just static.

Then the incessant texting began. The messages would be vulgar, and I would not care to print them here. Crystal said, “It would text me so many times!” A text was sent from Tara to Ken, her husband that said, “I want a divorce. I want out of this family.” She assured Ken that it was not from her.

Ken is a technician for the company and while he was on a job site, he received a call on his cell phone that sounded like Tara. It said, “Why don’t you come over to Lane’s and hang out?” Ken replied, “What do you mean? I see Lane every day.” Her voice said, “Just come over and hang out.” Ken realized that something wasn’t right and said, “You sound funny, Tara. What’s wrong with you?” At that point the phone disconnected. He immediately called Tara and she had not been on the phone.

Crystal asked Rick, her husband, to come over and bring his Bible. Rick is a committed Christian man that is well grounded in the Scriptures. He first sat in the bedroom, where the activities began, and started reading the Bible. Then he moved to Tara’s office and read and then to the living room. Nothing was happening, but as he walked back into Tara’s office, the pens on her desk flew off onto the floor.

Later, Crystal and Rick went outside, and Tara stayed in her office. Her office door slammed, and she could not open it. Rick came in and could not open it either. He had to remove the door knob to get the door open. Later, Rick was in the living room and heard a noise in Tara’s office. He went to the office and found that a large plant stand had been placed on top of Tara’s desk (see picture). The banging continued, and Rick continued reading the Bible.

Then a text came to Crystal’s phone that said, “Tell Rick to leave or all hell is going to break loose.” Repeated texts would come to Crystal saying, “I need you both,” and “I want Crystal Ann Moore.” Crystal said, “No one knows my middle name!”

Lane related to me that the Hispanic maid that cleaned the house arrived one day and began her work. When she opened the door to the bedroom in question, she immediately stopped before crossing the threshold. Lane was watching her from Crystal’s office. She leaned back & said, “Who is in there?” Lane assured her that no one was. She said, “Yes, someone is in there.” She felt very uneasy, crossed herself with a quick prayer, went out to her car, retrieved a small cross and clutched it close to her chest while she cleaned that room. She refused to come back to work there.

Lane personally was attacked on two occasions. Laying on his bed and petting his cat, the invisible spirit jumped on him, penning him down. He struggled to breathe, and he couldn’t speak. He was trying to call Jesus to help. He told me, “I could barely move. It was like swimming in wet cement, and it had pressure on my larynx.” After a short while, it released him. Lane asked Christ for help and he was sent a vision of an angel that comforted him, and he slept like a baby that night.

He said for four days he felt the presence of God’s angel. He knew that he was being protected. The night that Lane saw the vision, he saw a giant angelic creature with large wings. Comfort was brought to Lane as the angel closed his wings above him. He went right to sleep and slept like a baby.

This was all a sampling of things that continued for eight months in this office environment. It was localized and did not follow them to their homes, however. Crystal reached out to people who she thought could help. The Catholic priest told her that she was dealing with a poltergeist. He didn’t offer help, but said to call a professional that dealt with these. She didn’t get a call back from him. (That’s probably a good thing.) Next Crystal called a spiritist type woman who came, jabbered in some unknown tongue and swiped some olive oil around, of course, to no avail. (No comment.)

The root of the problem seems to stem from Lane’s former wife, Andrea. They were married a year and a half. The family all agree that she was a very strange individual, an alcoholic, and very hateful towards Tara, who was new at the time. No one can remember any provocation from Tara, but Andrea did not want her working there. Tara’s husband, Ken, is Lane’s brother. Andrea was very hateful to Tara and told Lane that if Tara was allowed to stay, she would leave him.

All the events that occurred seem to have the common denominator of Tara, beginning in the bedroom that Andrea slept in. Rick believes that Andrea is either involved in the occult or knows someone who is and that a curse was placed on this business, initiated somehow by Andrea. I know all this seems “out there,” and that is why Crystal has had a challenging time talking about these strange occurrences.

But good has come from all of this and this spirit has been defeated. Rick said, “All of this has brought Crystal and me closer together and we have begun going to church regularly again.” They are serving God faithfully in a small Baptist church. Tara and Ken are back in church and Lane has accepted Christ. Their co-workers also are attending church now. All of these folks realize that the spiritual world is very real. They have witnessed first hand things that they had only heard about, and had been skeptical about.

But this is not just “foxhole religion.” These people have seen the creepy, uncertainties of the evil side and the escalation and they have witnessed the victory that Jesus Christ brings to these situations. They have witnessed the exit of this demon because these cannot bear the presence of God’s Truth when proclaimed. So, the bottom line is, as the great Gospel hymn says, “Victory in Jesus!”

This is the Christmas Season, and this is truly a great Christmas story. That little baby in swaddling clothes, lying in that familiar manger, would grow up and be the victorious Christ, the sin bearer, defeating death and exiting that tomb. He and He alone can get victory over the evil in our world.