A Special Day; A Special Mom


Mother’s Day is always a very special day for most folks. Fond memories warm our hearts and even give strength to push through the circumstances of life. Those of us that have witnessed wonderful examples of Motherhood in our mother’s lives should feel exceptionally blessed and thankful.

Most of us could testify to the life of our mother, remembering encouragement, sacrifice, prayers and support for her children. No matter where we have been or what “pickle” we have worked ourselves into, we know mom was always a phone call away and we were reassured she was always praying for our best from the hand of God.

The love and acceptance of a mother is second only to God’s love. She kissed the hurts away when we were young, counseled us through our youthful immaturity, encouraged us in our careers and rejoiced with us as our families began expanding.

I remember the early days of “Monday Night Football,” when Howard Cosell and Dandy Don Meredith were the engaging announcers. During one game, the camera gave a closeup of a big, galoot, bruised and sweaty lineman trotting to the sideline.

Dandy Don’s comment was, “Now there’s a face only a mother could love.” He may have been correct at that moment because he was not a pretty sight! And I can almost guarantee you that his mom loved that big guy’s face just as it was.

This Mother’s Day is my first such holiday without my mom. Wonderful memories flood my mind these days. Yes, she loved me when I was not so lovable and disciplined me when I warranted it. She was always a phone call away and sometimes, since her passing, I almost pick up the phone to talk to her about a certain issue, hoping to get her insight or encouragement.

Millie Adams was a strong, determined woman who cared deeply for her family. She loved to cook, to crochet and love on her kids. Her career was as a legal secretary for some prominent attorneys and to also help my dad by typing his depositions. She was tireless and always wanted to stay busy.

Mom was a “gadget freak,” of sorts. She would see something in a book or online and it just might become one of us siblings’ Christmas or birthday present. This “Chicken Pecking Paddle” is a great example – probably the most unique of gifts that I received from her.

But I am especially thankful that her greatest love was for her Lord. Jesus was always her focus in life. She sang in our church choirs, taught Sunday School and enjoyed every aspect of her church life with family. She and dad led worship services for assisted living residents and held bible studies for inmates at an East Texas county jail. Dad would hold a class for the men and she would do the same for the women.

I can assuredly say that mine and my sister and brother’s commitment to a life of Christian service stems from the dedication of our mother to have her children in church and to raise them in the fear of and love of God and His Word.

One of my sweetest memories is when I was just a small boy, but I have a distinct memory of it. It was at night in Fort Worth, TX. Dad was driving and mom turned around from the front seat and was teaching me to memorize John 3:16. I memorized it that night and it has been a part of me ever since.

Speaking of great memories, it is my clear remembrance that mom told me that I was her favorite. (Please don’t tell my siblings, they are confused and believe that they hold that honor.) But to prove my point, I have this very special gift from her. She actually gave me this shirt because of her desire for everyone to know that I was her favorite. (It doesn’t matter that she also gave my sis and brother the same shirt. I know mine is the real thing!)

My wonderful mother, Millie Adams. She was and is a special lady that I greatly respect and miss terribly. But I know that I will see her again one great day because of her strong faith in Christ.

She had a “Do Not Resuscitate” order as an end of life request and she instructed everyone, “If I’m running to Jesus, don’t trip me up!”

Thanks for the memories, mom. Enjoy Heaven and we will see you soon.

“Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, but the woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.” Proverbs 31:30