Say It Ain’t True!

police3John Donaldson is a good friend of mine that we attend church with and is a local police officer. Before moving to Texas, he worked in law enforcement in Los Angeles for 16 years. He is a rare breed, dedicated to serving the community, protecting the citizenry but never missing an opportunity for the unusual or the outlandish at someone else’s expense. You know the type – practical joker. I offer an example.

While on night patrol in Los Angeles, John and his partner came upon a parked vehicle with two “companions” in the back seat. Well, the police party poopers broke up the fun and took note that the guy had lipstick all over his face and had apparently been totally engrossed with his partner’s affection.  I suppose illegal substance was found because the two were handcuffed and arrested.


 Upon checking ID’s, John noticed a peculiarity. Walking back over to the guy, John said, “Dude, do you know “she” isn’t a she? The guy thought this was a cruel joke and was not amused. But Officer John politely showed him his lover’s ID and sure enough, “she” was a guy. “Surprise! Surprise!” Gomer Pyle would say.

At this, the hapless lover began screaming, “No! No! No!” He was placed into the back seat of the patrol car and driven to the station, screaming all the way.

police7Wow, the things policemen have to endure – screaming perps and laughing police officers.

We know it’s not all fun and games with police officers, and we are truly thankful to have dedicated men and women like John Donaldson on the streets keeping the peace. But if you’re doing something weird, keep looking over your shoulder – Officer Donaldson is likely lurking and will not hesitate to totally embarrass you.