Privacy is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. We protect the snail darters, spotted owls and hump back whales from extinction, but our privacy is waning into extinction right before our very eyes, and with it go many freedoms which we hold dear.


Because of the demand for and  false promises of security, we have become all too accustomed to the watchful cameras trained on us wherever we go, body scans at airports and the NSA admitting that every phone conversation, email and text is being recorded.

Couple all of this with technology coming down the pipe and what is already here, and it gets downright scary as to what can be accomplished to keep track of an unaware, unwitting population. We go about our busy, digital days not even thinking that we are leaving electronic footprints wherever we go with credit/debit cards and GPS on our phones and automobiles, to say nothing of the facial scan, iris scan and drone technologies (even insect size) that are being used and perfected.

privacy6In 1949 George Orwell wrote the forward thinking fiction novel, 1984. He was just a few years off in his predictions. What we are talking about today is all “Big Brotherish” and Big Brother is being forced by these, mostly automated, systems to close in even more on our private lives.


Please don’t think that I am just an alarmist looking for a pulpit. It is even the corporate world that continues this incessant peering into who we are. Mannequins in some upscale department stores now are equipped with cameras that scrutinize the make-up of the clientele with indications of what they like and shop for. A new technology is being developed that will match facial recognition with your Facebook page and send coupons to your smart phone based on your likes. How the free market has changed!

I know, even 10 – 15 years ago we would have thought this was a far out fantasy. When I was a kid, Dick Tracy’s watch was a marvelous thing to think about, but no one ever dreamed we would actually live it!

privacy8911 seemed to change everything, and this type of security technology was forced to escalate. But it is an uneasy thing to think about when it is in the hands of men and women who do not have your personal best interest as their goal. What is the famous quote, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely?”

So we must get used to intrusion and scrutiny of every aspect of our lives, for the sake of security, of course. We should be glad that bad guys can be monitored this way, but who is to say the bad guys are the only ones being monitored?


But you know, there is One who is more aware of every aspect of our lives than any camera or electronic footprint could divulge. He is God and the Bible says He never sleeps or slumbers and knows the thoughts and intents of the heart. Whoa! We try to forget this, right? That’s not even comfortable to think about and, for the majority, certainly not politically correct to mention.

But it is the truth and worth the serious consideration of anyone and everyone. Is Big Brother watching? Yes, but Big Brother is not the ultimate reason for awareness of the times.

“The fear of the Lord (not technology) is the beginning of wisdom.” (Proverbs 1:7)