Our Culture Of Death

It’s the night of the dead and all through the crypt,

Not a shiver was wasted in this spine-tingling grip.

It’s a glorious night of full moon, you see.

And the spooks are all gathered to scare you and me.

King Dracula and Igor assemble with more;

Skeletons, demons and ghouls galore!

Witches with brews and ghosts with tattoos,

Are all out tonight to provide you with boo’s!


Yes, Halloween has arrived again and most will happily celebrate death and evil on the day. Why? I do not know. I have become the Grinch of Halloween; the ultimate Scrooge of this night of the dead. Things have changed so much since the days of innocence in which I was raised.

When I was a kid my brother and I would hit the road at dusk with our plastic masks and paper grocery sacks, making the rounds on our candy quest. Our parents had no idea where we were and there was no need for concern. Then when we returned, they would begin telling us not to eat too much candy. All the while they were choosing their favorite goodies from our stash!

It was a special era in our history; a time when you felt as though you could trust everyone. It was a special time in our nation and, sadly, it will never return. Your battle cry at the doorstep would be, “Trick or Treat! Trick or Treat!” You were hoping for some very special candy, but no one would ever think of damaging anyone’s property if they didn’t like the goodies provided.

I remember one Halloween when my younger brother’s bulging grocery sack split and candy was dumped all over the road. It took a while to top off my sack and stuff the rest in our pockets, but no candy was lost that night!

Then the day came that changed it all. I don’t remember the particular date, but reports began to surface about kids being given apples with razor blades hidden inside and candy that was laced with poison. I remember being appalled at this news and sick at my stomach that someone would do this.

I also remember when the medication bottles on store shelves were not sealed as they are today. This was true until the first demented individual put poison in a bottle of Tylenol and left it for the unsuspecting soul that purchased it. Things have degenerated from there.

Today, rarely do you ever see kids on Halloween night going through neighborhoods without their parents. Times have changed and we have gone from believing we can trust everyone to not trusting anyone. We now have a world in which we witness evil lurking at every turn. We truly live in a culture of death. We’ve gone far past the “Things that go bump in the night” days.

There is so much in our world today that points to hopelessness and helplessness. It is very sad when people cannot see value in life and cannot live a life that is positive and productive. It seems today that the whole world is on fire and it’s not just on Halloween night that everyone is scared. I realize that Halloween is a long standing traditional holiday. But for me, it is one we can do without. There’s enough scary stuff to go around – but that’s just me!

I would remind everyone of the positive places provided for kids to celebrate the changing of the seasons. There are now Fall Festivals to which parents can take their children, with no fear of danger. Churches and schools are affording their facilities with fun games and treats and they always look for volunteers for their events. We can all be part of the solution by encouraging these events.

We could spend time listing all the evils of our world, but we already know them. They confront us each day on the streets of our cities, on our newscasts, in our movies and at our entertainment events. They even rear their ugly heads in our houses of worship.

I believe that our culture of death is, in its own macabre way, seeking answers and hope. But there is no future in the tailspin that we witness in our society. There is no hope in the Gothic subculture of many young people. There is no hope in the work of the Jack Kevorkians and the Kermit Gosnells of our day. There is no hope in trying to rehabilitate the outward actions of evil people.

The only true hope for our world is where it has always been. It is in the pages of the Bible, which can change the heart of mankind and provide hope and a future that is everlasting.

Jesus Christ always says it best, “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest…learn from me…you will find rest for your souls.” (Matthew 11:28)