Not So Quick – It Makes A Difference

Well, wouldn’t you know it! When you think you have everyone figured out, we find out that there are actual differences between Morons, Imbeciles and Idiots. You may have already known this, but it has been a revelation for me

I know that describing other people with colorful adjectives is not a good activity to engage in. But, you have to admit – some people seem to work hard at earning the descriptor that we might grace them with. When it happens, it seems natural to, at least under your breath, declare the guilty one as an “Idiot,” or “Moron.”

We use these words interchangeably, but technically that is not correct. After learning this new information, I would suppose that most of us will stop and evaluate our subject closely before making our declaration, which before seemed so obvious.

Yes, there are distinct differences between an Idiot, a Moron or an Imbecile. The definitions go like this:

. Moron – a person with 51-70 IQ

. Imbecile – a person with 26-50 IQ

. Idiot – a person with 0-25 IQ

Now you know. It’s left up to your discretion to place your subject in the proper category. So… is the unscrupulous driver who inconveniences you an Idiot or just an Imbecile? What about the woman in the “limit 10 items” line that has a basketful, or the ump that calls junior out at home plate, or the guy in front of you who refuses to turn right on red? Morons, imbeciles or idiots – You have some big decisions to make now!

Of course, IQ is the abbreviation for Intelligence Quotient. Wikipedia reports that the majority of the population is between 80 and 115 on the IQ rating scale. 2.5 % of the population scores above 130 and 2.5 % below 70. I’m not sure what happens to those between 70 and 80, however. Maybe a “Moron Plus” or a “Moron on Steroids.”

But, should we not question the entire process now? I mean, come on, we are the enlightened ones, the tolerant generation. We are to be people who aren’t judgmental, right? We can’t even let our young ones play sports on teams that keep score. Everyone is a winner!

So, how can anyone be so pontificating as to believe they can rank an individual’s intelligence level? This would seem to be extremely subjective and blatant in our “never offend anyone” culture. Would you not be offended if you discovered that your IQ was 85 while your neighbor received a 115 score? How offensive and embarrassing indeed!

We must advocate for change in the IQ field! Teachers, students, police, firefighters and office workers must unite and walk out in protest of this test. There are quasi-professionals setting themselves up as our judges and determining what they declare should be an acceptable intelligence level for all. Yes, I understand that there are tests which are given to determine a person’s IQ. But, these tests can surely be corrupt and biased. Who judges the judges? Have they taken the test? Did they administer it to themselves? Yes, that’s what I thought – these are intolerant people, judging others on what they determine to be correct. Very shameful!

I trust that you realize by now, my comments are tongue in cheek and not intended to make light of anyone’s level of intelligence. IQ tests are certainly scientifically valid and useful. Levels of intelligence are necessary to categorize for a safe and viable society. However, we do not want someone with an IQ of 30 in charge of NASA. That is rocket science!

But since most fall in the 80 to 115 IQ category (sometimes we have our doubts about many folks being above 80), maybe we could all advocate for true acceptance and common sense. We seem to have gone past the tipping point these days in so many ways. We seem to have reached a marker along our journey that says, “Leaving the Common Sense Zone.” Many have left theirs at the foot of that sign and moved forward (if you can call that forward). As has been said, “The problem with common sense is that it isn’t common.”

Life is filled with times of rejoicing in victories as well as times of disappointment and defeat. It stands to reason that our young should learn this at an early age. They will be turned loose on the real world one day very soon. I believe that it is necessary to prepare them for the real world, rather than try to protect them from it.

To not prepare a generation to face life, as life truly is, is to invite destruction on the upcoming generation and society as a whole. If they aren’t taught that life is unfair at times, they will expect to be coddled and cooed over as they enter society’s ranks. If they aren’t taught that there are others who will get the job they apply for, and that those that are rejected may not realize the reason why, they can sink into despondency. Stuff happens! You gotta get over it and move on. The song from the ‘60’s said, “Teach your children well…”

Numerous universities now provide “cry rooms” for students that feel they have been offended. These rooms are equipped with coloring books, teddy bears and comforting snacks to calm the beleaguered emotions. Come on, guys, let’s get back to reality…please! Morons, Imbeciles, idiots…? Just saying!

We seem to have lost the desire for the correct priorities and discipline, not just for our kids, but the culture in general. When adults do not discipline themselves, can we expect any higher standard from our young? What is important to mom and dad will be important to the children.

And what the media pumps into our houses is no help. While watching a popular television program, one of the main characters nervously sat a younger co-worker down and asked if his relationship with a married woman was wrong. Hello…do we really need to seek others’ advice on morals? Has the moral conscience of America been seared and clouded over to the point that we do not even know what “immoral” means?

We have certainly gone a long way down that road, we all know that. Many youths across our land know more about sexuality than about academics. The Pew Research Center recently reported that released data from international math and science assessments indicate that U.S. students continue to rank around the middle of the pack, and behind many other advanced industrial nations.”

Now, I’m certainly not going to declare that we are raising a generation of Morons, Imbeciles or Idiots. Nope – not saying that! We haven’t reached that low mark yet, I hope and pray. However, I believe we can see a dangerous trend that could be taking us to a point of no return.

If you have an influence in the lives of young ones around you, then “Bloom where you are planted,” and do all you can to love them and make sure they are heading in a direction that will be good for them and helpful to our world. It takes unselfish work and dedication, folks. But it is rewarding and well worth your time.

“Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord…Like arrows in the hand of a warrior…”

(Psalm 127:3-4) Let us aim them in the right direction!