Nice Artwork, Where’s The Proof?

war of w6One of today’s great debates is the question of origins… Or, where did all this come from? Is evolution true or is intelligent design the answer? Did the precise clockwork of the universe and the intricate complexity of the cell just happen or are they designed by a Designer?

You, of course, know which side I come down on but is there any science to back up the Intelligent Design stance? I am surely a novice at the subject and not an expert. (It has been said that “expert” can be defined as “ex” – a has been; and “spurt” – a drip under pressure. So maybe being an expert isn’t all it appears to be sometimes.)


But I believe there is good science to fortify the ID position and that it can be relied on to be certain and dependable every time, leaving nothing to random chance.

This being a short article, I will only barely touch the surface of the subject, but I always encourage your comments and discussion.

As we all know, “Darwin’s missing link” has been the buzz word that we have always heard. As a child I thought this simply meant the missing link between the ape and the man, finding a fossil that would show us that man evolved from one life form to the higher one…man. But that is not the case at all. The “missing link” consists of millions of species and the evolutionists desperately desire to find just one, mind you, just one case that macroevolution (one species changing into another different species) is true. They cannot. There is no record throughout all of the fossil records that macroevolution has ever taken place. There is certainly proof of change within a species (microevolution), or adaptability; but never one species becoming another. There are variations within the lions, tigers and bears, but they always remain lions, tigers and bears.


Charles Darwin, the darling of the evolutionist (by the way, he is worshiped by his followers each February 12 on International Darwin Day), himself said, “If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed, which could not possibly be formed by numerous successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down.”

This is a “biggie” in the evolutionary debate; a statement that is conveniently passed over by the atheist/evolutionist. The reality is that there are many organs and systems that have been found that fit this criteria. One of these that is known is the cell. Darwin had no way of looking into the cell as we do today. What is now understood is that the cell consists of “irreducibly complex” molecular machines. That means if any part of one of them malfunctions, that system malfunctions.

Michael Behe, professor of biochemistry at Lehigh University, writes that living things are filled with irreducibly complex molecular machines that compose all the functions of life (Darwin’s Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution). All parts of each machine must be in place at the right place, in the right size and in operating order at the same time for that machine to function.

So, Darwin’s own statement collapses the entire evolutionary theory. Why? Because the function of these machines requires every part to be together at the same time to work. The intermediate stages would be dysfunctional if they were evolving. You could never have a living being without these totally functional machines. And the number of these are multiplied through every cell in the body. Mind boggling, isn’t it?

But what is truly more mind boggling is that intelligent people still fight tenaciously for the concept that there is no God and that everything came from nothing. The reason? That’s a subject for another discussion, but renowned atheists are on record as saying it is because they refuse to answer morally to God. Therefore they continue their lonely, hopeless journey to understand this complex, precise machine of the universe from the basic presupposition that there is no God.


We see the wonderful pictures in the science books of man’s evolution from the lowly life form, the monkey, to the fully evolved man, of which, supposedly, the universe revolves around. (Can I ask here, if we evolved from the monkey, why are there still monkeys??)

I would just say, “That is great artwork, but where’s the proof?”