Never Despair

never despairThe lady walked out of the downtown bank after cashing a sizable check. She noticed a lone man standing on the corner. Then another man walked up to him, whispered something into his ear and handed him some money. The lady thought that was surely, very thoughtful and took a $10 bill from her purse, walked over to the man and whispered in his ear, “Never despair.” Then she handed him the ten bucks and went on her way, feeling very warm and satisfied that she had helped someone less fortunate than herself.

The next day the lady saw the same man at the same intersection. This time he approached her and slipped a $100 bill into her hand. She said, “What’s this for?” He said, “Lady, you won. Never Despair was 10 to 1 odds in the 3rd race yesterday.”

never despair2Well…it was good advice, nonetheless. Never having reason to despair is certainly something that everyone desires. But can we truly offer someone that type of encouraging advice?

I mean, let’s face it, this crazy world we live in is enough sometimes to send a sane man to the nut house. It’s like the old song said, “Pappy said, ‘You’re gonna drive me to drinkin’ if you don’t stop drivin’ that hot rod Lincoln!’” It seems that hot rod Lincoln is barreling out of control down a dangerous mountain road and no one with any sense is at the wheel.

never despair3Some of the stuff we face daily would be comical if it weren’t so serious. For instance, we spend millions enforcing the 38th parallel in Korea (That’s the other side of the world, you know.), but protecting our southern border against illegals (Yes, that means ‘against the law.’) coming across – forget it. Pornography pumped into our lives via Internet, TV, even radio? Sure that’s OK, but don’t you ever let an elementary school student hand out candy canes to his friends with a simple Bible verse attached! War memorials that have stood for decades, thanking God for His protection? No, they must come down, now! Someone might be offended. (Why can’t these “offended” ones build their own memorials? O, that’s right, they have no one to look to for thankfulness – there’s no one “out there.” You don’t build a memorial to nothing. So they must attack someone else’s faith – ?)

never despair6

Politicians get elected so they can run for office throughout their elected term. Where have the statesmen gone, the men and women that pursue what’s right for America; the men and women that stand for integrity, freedom and justice instead of the pursuit of political gain and their petty desire to build a regime for themselves? Lies and deceit are the order of the day now. Tell lies to get elected, then attempt to deceive everyone into believing you are keeping your promises that you made during your campaign.

I haven’t even touched on the more serious problems we are facing these days; I could go on and on, as you well know. But we all get frustrated each day with the negative. This isn’t intended to be a negative post, but one that offers hope and a reason not to despair.

I believe we can get our country and our freedoms back on the right track. I believe the time is right for men and women to step up and be who we need to be; standing for truth, goodness and values that matter.

Our Constitution was formulated to be followed as the Law of the land, and through the years it has served as our successful guide. (It seems to be useless to many these days.)  But that great document didn’t just stem from some dedicated men’s minds seeking freedom. No, the founders recognized first that faith in the Creator was priority; that out of this faith comes justice, mercy, prosperity and freedom. Yes, America was founded on the principles found in Holy Scripture. Sorry, but we just have too much evidence that confirms this. Those that declare the Constitution a completely secular document have no proof of that.

never despair7Bottom line – We do have hope. It is not time to despair, but to hold our elected officials’ feet to the fire at the ballot box and to return to the God that provided us our freedoms we enjoy. He promises to bless us if we do.


“Blessed is the nation whose God is Jehovah.” (Psalm 33:12); “Woe unto them who call evil good and good evil.” (Isaiah 5:20)

never despair8

I know for the Christian, this world is not home. But we should be part of the solution while passing through, not despairing, but encouraging others to join us and give continued hope to the next generation.