Methodists In The Baptistery!

cross plains

In this Central Texas town named Cross Plains, there are serious tornado threats during springtime

[http://www.written4u.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/tornado.jpg] When a town gets hit by one of these bad guys there will be much destruction and potential loss of life. When the weather guys say it’s time to take shelter, that warning is taken seriously. Storm shelters and sturdy structures are found and put to good use.

These times are when communities stand alongside each other and help their neighbors rebuild and put their lives back together.

This particular spring a lady in Ronnie’s church had her house catch fire and burn to the ground. This Baptist congregation put out the word and that small town and surrounding communities came to help rebuild.


There was a team from the Texas Baptist Men Disaster Relief and also a group of Methodists came to help from a church in another city.

During the construction a tornado threat came up and everyone had to find shelter. This was late afternoon and into the evening and the “out of towners” needed a place of safety. Pastor Ronnie had a great solution, “Put this group of Methodist folk under the baptistery. That is a stable, sturdy area and they should be fine.


So he placed them there around 9:00 pm and went about helping others to safety. The storm came and went with minimal damage, but it is always a nervous, hair raising thing to endure.

Pastor Ronnie was totally involved with the community effort to get through this threat and ended his long, tiring day around 2:00 am. As he reached over to turn out the light and lay his head down he remembered the Methodists. “O my, I wonder if they are still there.” So he got dressed, drove to the church and as he opened the door where they had been hidden he was relieved that they were still huddled together waiting for the “All Clear.”

 Most of you know that Methodists do not immerse their converts as Baptists do.


They sprinkle them instead. So, they have no use for baptisteries. Ronnie says this has to be the first time a group of Methodists spent most of the night in a Baptist baptistery.