Maternity Mamma


In the past, when a young lady was expecting a little one, you would see her in public in a loose fitting maternity smock. There was even a sense of almost reverence when you saw her. No one needed to see her physique. Everyone was sure they knew what a pregnant abdomen looked like. Everyone knew there was something special going on there and she was regarded in highest respect and with care.

Today? Maybe not so…Nowadays it seems that we all need to be reminded what an expecting tummy looks like. The tighter the better in maternity clothes, it appears. Sorry, but I don’t get it. I mean, the girl has to be uncomfortable as an expectant mom, anyway, much less when she wears skin tight clothes that emphasize her round tummy and belly button.

I know, I’m old school. But It seems to me that something has been lost. A bit of the special, even a bit of the private and secluded portion of a couple’s pregnancy has slipped away in our “reveal all” society. I wish we could recover the modesty and specialness of viewing the pregnant mom. Bring back the loose fitting smocks!

A story from my past shows that those maternity tops from our younger days could be deceiving and even useful:

When my wife was four or five months along with our first daughter, we went to Six Flags Over Texas with some friends. Now, my bride is known for being a fan of the wild rides such as the roller coaster and tilt-a-whirl. I can do without them but have been nervously dragged onto some.

Well, Jeanne decided that we needed to ride the Runaway Mine Train. Yes, it’s as unnerving as it sounds. If you are familiar with theme parks, you’ll know that to experience a few seconds of thrill you must stand in a snake-like line for sometimes 30 to 45 minutes (another reason to avoid these nutty places). But, there we stood: our best friends, my pregnant wife and me, In the line, inching our way to the ride boarding gate.

When we finally arrived at the boarding platform the young lady that was helping folks into the ride seats saw Jeanne and said, “Ma’am, pregnant ladies are not allowed on this ride.” At this, she received an indignant reply from my sweet wife, “Excuse me!? I’ll have you know I’m not pregnant!” (Whatever it takes to get on that ride, right?) The young attendant was totally embarrassed and helped us get strapped in, apologizing numerous times as we began our death defying adventure.

Results? We made it fine, even with her “little white lie.” Our oldest daughter who was in the hopper, however, is definitely the wild and crazy one of our brood. It had to have happened there on that Runaway Mine Train! I’m certain that insane ride on that day had something to do with the way she is today! There’s never a dull moment with her, even to this day.

In today’s public maternity environment, a young lady would not be able to put that over on an unsuspecting attendant. The maternity garb is all too revealing. What’s an expectant mom to do when she wants to ride a wild ride today? They can’t fool anybody with the way they dress! They are destined for the merry-go-round only. How boring.