Listen Carefully

 EMT3We are truly blessed to have great emergency response teams in America. I am not familiar with other countries’ emergency responses and commitment. Maybe some of you could leave me a message and bring me up to speed on places outside the U.S.

 The Emergency Medical Teams are made up of dedicated men and women that do what they do to help people and especially to save lives.

EMTA good friend of my Pastor was in training to be an EMT in the Dallas area. They received an emergency call to a Hispanic neighborhood.

 Upon arrival they saw an adult female on the ground, in pain and needing assistance. The immediate assessment of the situation was not sufficient to determine the problem.

As the two specialists continued their work, a young lady came to them in a panic saying, “Chicken breath! Chicken breath!” they stared in dismay at the girl, questioned each other and, yes both had understood the frantic cry to be, “Chicken breath! Chicken breath!”

chickenThe young lady was obviously attempting to tell them something important about the person in trouble, but they were clueless as to what she was trying to communicate.

Then in a panic, the young girl grabbed one of them by the arm and said, “You can breath, he can breath! She cannot breath!” (Or in the broken English of this desperate girl, “Chee Kan Breath! Interpreted, “She can’t breathe.)

This was a challenge, but now with understanding they could move forward with treatment.

Doesn’t this say a lot about life to us? Communication is important and understanding the communication is vitally important. Critical issues can be resolved, even lives can be saved if we communicate properly.

With communication comes understanding and with understanding comes knowledge and wisdom in a situation. Proverbs 3:13-15 says it best – It’s better to gain wisdom and understanding than to find great treasures.

Let’s all take a breath (without the chicken), slow down and make sure we are understood correctly. There’s a lot of wisdom in that.