License To See

vision2Having good eyesight is certainly a great blessing and one that perhaps we, unconsciously take for granted. But can perfect vision be bestowed by a bureaucrat from behind a desk?

Here is another great story from Don Blackley:

My close friend and physician, Dr. Ron McCollum, lost the sight in his right eye because of mild dysplastic syndrome (MDS).  They had to remove the eye and give him a prosthesis.  Ron had an interesting experience when he went to get his driver’s license renewed. 

Knowing it might be a long wait, he took his latest New England Journal of Medicine to read.  He read the entire magazine.  During that 2 ½ hour wait, five to seven people were called back every thirty minutes. Knowing the offices would close at 5:00, he inquired of a worker, “Am I going to be able to renew before 5:00?  She said, “Yes, if you’re here in the room, you’ll be evaluated.  You’ll be fine.”  Ron sat back down and waited.  At 4:30 they asked all the remaining applicants to go back to be tested.  They began calling them 20 at a time to stand in a line ready for their vision to be tested.  Now they were rolling!   Everyone was in high gear in the testing room!

eye chart2When the doctor’s turn came, he was asked to remove his glasses and look in the view finder with his right eye and read the first line.  Ron said “I have no vision in my right eye.”  “Well then,” she said, “let’s test the left eye first.” (First? I thought he said that he had no vision in the other…?)  They tested the eye.  Even without his glasses he passed.  She then said, “Let’s test your right eye again.”  Ron told her again, “I can’t see with that eye.”  The tester said, “Well then, put you glasses on and try again.” 

confused3“I’m telling you, I won’t be able to see.”

 “Well, try anyway.”

“I can’t see anything.”

“How did you get over here today?”

“I drove here!”

“You drove and you can’t see anything?”

“Not only that I fly an airplane!”

 In sheer exasperation she said, “Let me talk to someone.”  She leaned over to the obviously more experienced technician and recounted the whole story.  At the end of the story the more experienced counter-person said, “But he drove over here?”  She shook her head and said, “Just put him down as 20/20 in both eyes!”

 My doctor friend now has a new driver’s license with no restrictions!

confused1 I’m sure that doctor was impressed to have 20/20 vision in both eyes, one being glass! Now tell me, friends. Where do we get these “brilliant” people that are in charge of all the different aspects of our lives? Like they say, “It is what it is.”