Hope In The Midst Of Disaster


flooding2The Colorado flood that has occurred over the past week has covered an expanse of over 200 miles and 17 counties. 30 bridges have been lost and 20 more seriously damaged. At least a dozen dams have been lost or are in jeopardy. The death toll stands at 8 currently with hundreds of people still missing. More than 2300 people and 850 pets have been airlifted to safety as 19,000 homes have been reported damaged or destroyed.

Boulder’s average rainfall for September is 1.7 inches. As of the 16th of the month 17.17 inches have fallen. The previous record rainfall for a month was 9.59 inches from May, 1995.

As we look at the pictures coming out of this disaster area we are amazed at the amount of water and how this torrent effects anything and everything in its path.


There are so many things that demand our attention these days and it is difficult to focus on any one happening. Just here in America we have horrific forest fires, severe drought conditions and devastating floods. As soon as we begin to focus on one event, our attention is swept away by the naval base tragedy in Washington and then back to the political scene and international events. Then on top of all this, your personal world is topsy turvey with technological changes, upgrades, computer crashes & spam.

AAAUUUGGGHHH!! Where does it all stop, or start to improve!? Ray Price’s old song Make the World Go Away seems very appropriate sometimes. But the fact is, this is the world and there will always be tragic events and things that upset us and demand our attention.

flooding6The frustration and helplessness levels are unprecedented during these times. One report from Colorado was that as the water was carrying the trailer homes in a trailer park away, one man was disgustingly throwing his possessions into the river one by one as he drank his beer.

But in the midst of all the disarray it is refreshing at the least to find a positive; a light of hope in the darkness. It is said that man can live without many things, but without hope existence is impossible.

As the Colorado folks sort through their lives of loss and suffering, there is found a beacon of hope and steadfastness.

Untold damage is discovered to structures of all kinds. The historic Stanley Hotel was damaged and it sits high on a hill overlooking the river in Estes Park.

flooding8But this beacon of hope was seemingly insignificant; a trivial building with, what many would call, a childish theme. This two story toy store in the Estes Park area was totally unscathed by the destructive forces at work.


floodingIsn’t it ironic that, of all things Noah’s Ark stands undisturbed in the midst of so much flooding and wreckage?

The story of the Ark is told in the Old Testament (Genesis 6-8) and mentioned many times through the Bible and it represents how faith in God’s provision will carry you through the storms of life and beyond (Hebrews 11:7).

Looking at these terrible storms and devastation, then seeing a representation of God’s protection standing strong…Hmmmm. Kinda makes you stop and think, “Maybe someone is making a statement here.”