Heavenly Hands

DSCF3219Tina Rowe is a wonderful lady that is living her dream and touching the lives of hundreds in a most positive way. Hospitals have very dedicated nursing staff and are good at bringing babies into the world; but Heavenly Hands Birthing Center takes the birth of a baby to new heights of love, care and respect as these precious ones are born.

Tina is a licensed midwife and she has attended approximately 350 births over the past ten years. A mother of five, her third child was delivered by a midwife at her home and this began her desire to follow that profession.

Tina began her training, received the required certifications and started her career as an in-home midwife until 2010. At that time she opened a birthing center in Rockwall, TX and this facility quickly became too small.

DSCF3216Then a historic building was moved in across the street from her, which was formerly a funeral home. This two story house was built in 1911 by James Reese, who served in the Texas Legislature for Dallas and Rockwall counties and later was elected as District Attorney and County Judge.

When Tina saw this grand old home she felt that this was the building for her. It was for sale and she began to pray and ask God to let her find a way to claim it. When contractor trucks began to appear, Tina thought someone had purchased it. But the fact was that the estimates they gave to repair this majestic lady were not feasible for the proposed buyer.

So a determined Tina called the realtor and yes, it was still available. She submitted a bid and was unsure if it would be accepted. It was accepted and now she was in for a restoration struggle that she hadn’t really planned on and certainly did not desire to engage in.

DSCF3215Tina had great plans for what this facility could be. The house was in total disrepair and the road blocks were many as she had to face city zoning codes, state regulations, engineering complications, construction headaches and major cleaning. The state decided that an elevator would be required. This brought an additional $35,000 to the project cost. All this and added to the nightmare was that her first general contractor stole $8000, which was her monetary cushion for the project. Tina says the completion of this project was “only by the grace of God.”

From this point, Tina became her own general contractor, having no experience at all. This was completely new and deep waters for this focused lady as the project began to get underway. Before she could proceed, site plans were required by the city. The city told her to draw up floor plans and, understanding her plight, explained that they didn’t have to be elaborate.

Tina submitted her sketched floor plans and the response from the city official was, “I thought you would at least use a ruler!” During the next days and weeks, meetings would be held with city personnel. They would refer to her floor plans as “The famous plans.”

Those “famous plans” translated into a transformation of the grand old structure and the finished product is a beautiful, comfortable place for families to bring their little ones into the world with the love that families deserve.

DSCF3207Heavenly Hands’ concept of childbirth is much different than the normal hospital birth. Instead of checking in, being medicated and waiting for contractions, the moms are told, “Come in when you feel uncomfortable.” The comfort and natural ease of childbirth is encouraged by the process of a warm water birth.

Mommies sit in a tub of warm water, comfortably and relaxed. The father and midwife are there and the baby eases naturally into the world into an environment that is consistent to where he or she has been for the past nine months. Most of these little ones do not even cry, but simply gaze at their new surroundings and are welcomed into their mother’s loving arms.

Tina says the pinnacle of her career is when a baby is born with the water bag intact. One in 80,000 babies are born this way. The reward then is handing the mom her heavenly package and saying, “Open your baby.” Tina was blessed to deliver one baby in this fashion in July of this year.


After birth, the families stay at Heavenly Hands for a few hours and then leave for home with their new arrival. Many families would never bring their newborns into the world any other way and return when their next one comes along. So far Tina has had a few that have birthed 3 different children with her and she is anxiously awaiting the first that will have their fourth child at this awesome facility.

All pre natal and post-partum care is done at Heavenly Hands, except an ultrasound, which is referred to another facility. Since they have been opened, Heavenly Hands Birthing Center is averaging 8 births per month.

We hear too much negative these days of the processes that steal life and happiness. It is a privilege to know of and report on this life encouraging, hope giving endeavor.

Tina Rowe and her staff are loving, caring ladies that truly love their client families and are excited about the wonderful work they are doing. I would encourage any expectant mom to call Heavenly Hands Birthing Center and experience this labor of love and life.

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