Don’t Give Up


My first solo was as a young boy about 4 or 5 years of age. I remember it well because it was so embarrassing and confusing to a young lad and his father.


We were members of a small church and this particular Sunday evening there was a Southern Gospel quartet that was singing for our church. My dad and I had practiced a song for me to sing during the course of the evening. He played the simple piano part and I sang. So I was expecting dad to do the same, just as we had practiced. But for some reason he asked the guest pianist to play the song for me. I don`t remember what the song was, just a simple one like Jesus Loves Me.

Now if you know anything about Southern Gospel quartets you will know that there is a degree of showiness of style in a fun way.


They have their fun as they pull the audience into their music and ministry. The high tenor seems to be able to reach the stratosphere with the notes he can sing and the low bass always amazes folks with his deep rumblings.

Then there is the pianist, who normally is the one who will take that showiness to the extreme as he embellishes the music and is all over the keyboard.


Well, the talented and experienced pianist gave me an introduction as if I were an official member of  his quartet, expanding the simple to a few octaves and adding notes that I didn’t even know were on the piano. I remember looking at him in total confusion. Then he did it again!

I was totally dumbfounded and had no clue as to where to start singing.


It was just too much for a young, aspiring musician to grasp. So after a couple of attempts my dad had to come to the piano and ask the pro to step aside while he picked out the melody for me. I believe this embarrassed my dad worse than it did me.

But we got the job done and through the years have been able to sing together and enjoy the ministry together in many different ways. Dad has always been my biggest supporter, encourager and prayer partner.

I am certainly not the best musician around nor do I have the greatest singing voice. But God has blessed me through my life with musical talent and has given me ministries to be involved in that I love.


 So, even though others may have the talent and are experiencing the limelight, you can’t get discouraged and give up. Whether in ministry, business, school or sports hang in there baby, learn from your experiences and know that your day is coming to become what you need to be.