Cowboy Church

Cattle Ranch2

One of my great friends is a music evangelist. He was raised an Army brat and a city boy and so when he started traveling and singing in different locations he began receiving a well rounded education. He has sung in some very large venues around the world and with a number of well known Christian artists; but he wouldn’t trade anything for his cowboyChurch experiences.

 Cowboy Churches are very popular in rural areas of Texas and other states as well. They are made up of members who enjoy the peaceful country life outside the big cities. Most of these folks are true cowboys and cowgirls that tend their cattle on their local ranches and farms. They come to church in their jeans, boots and cowboy hats. (One Cowboy Church Pastor friend asked some attendees to please leave their “refreshments“ in their truck until the service was over.) These great people love music and have awesome ministries in rural areas.

 Well, my friend was invited to come and sing for one of these churches. Now he is a very large man with a bass voice just as big and a heart to match. He loves people and he loves singing for them and encouraging them and he isn’t opposed to going anywhere he is invited. Some of the members met him in the “parking lot“, which would normally be called a pasture. They were quick to inform him to be careful to avoid the “cow patties. “ He thought, “I see some cows out there, but what in the world is a “cow pattie? “ Just a few steps and he would get his answer. Once you know what one is you will never forget it.

 Upon returning to that church he turned into the pasture, drove through the gate and was met by a few cows from the herd and they blocked his path so he had to stop the car. It isn’t the best thing to try and shove a couple of 1500 pound Herefords out of the way with your car. So he surmised that the thing to do was what any astute city boy would do – honk your horn. This should let them know that they should move aside because he was coming through, right? Wrong! In a pasture at supper time the cows naturally think that a vehicle coming in will be bringing them food. When the cattleman drives in he honks his horn to alert the cows that it is dinner time. At that time the entire herd will come running, surround the car and expect to get something to eat. So, instead of enticing the few cows to get out of the way, the entire herd hustled over and encircled his car expecting the best. It was like an episode of The Twilight Zone or Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds for my stranded buddy. He thought it was The Attack of the Bovine!

 But of course he was rescued by the cattlemen and was able to sing with a new appreciation of country life that night.