Let’s face it, we have plenty of holidays in America, and the workforce is usually very eager to see each of them roll around. It means time from the job, a long weekend and play and family time. And that’s all good, but the holiday we call Memorial Day probably doesn’t rank as one of […]


We consider our relationships with our Moms very precious and special. And well they should be. Mom, of all people, has been there for us when no one else has. She has endured situations for us and with us that no one else, even Dad, could cope with. Moms bring the tenderness and understanding, the […]


 Easter is the holiest of days for the Christian. It is the day that Christians remember the events of the Passion of Christ and celebrate the victory that was gained at His resurrection. Easter is celebrated around the world, but with seemingly less intensity and outward expression than Christmas. At Christmas we are familiar with […]


The most romantic day of the year is here. It has been that way for many centuries. Let’s start with some trivia facts about Valentine’s Day. . The most Valentine cards given each year go to teachers. Next in line are children, mothers, wives (sorry ladies, but wives are 4th), followed by pets. . Valentine’s […]


Did you know that today, December 26 is Boxing Day? No, it isn’t the day we all celebrate the sport of boxing. However, in a few countries in the African Commonwealth and in Guyana and Italy prize fighting contests are held on Boxing Day. And here in America, as we go back to the malls […]