Being Thankful

gobbleIf I’m not mistaken, the Holiday Season was just here, and now we are doing it all over again! The more years I put behind me, the faster they come and go!

Thanksgiving is a very special day for our country. We are blessed to have had years of emphasis on giving thanks to God for His abundant blessings through the year and to spend it with family around a wonderful meal and a good football game. It’s just another day for the other nations around the world, but Thanksgiving is a special American tradition.

At least it has been a special American tradition. Voices are so loud these days declaring the evils of America and shouting anti-American sentiment that the patriotism and pride we once relished as a nation have been dimmed. Many today are reluctant to even say to whom we are giving thanks. Kids are taught in school that we should just be thankful. That is hollow and ridiculous. If you are thankful, you must have an object of your thankfulness.

Do you just thank the sky or thank the air or thank the trees? Do you thank “The Force?” Do you thank the birds and all the creatures? Oops, I said “creature.” That means there had to have been a Creator. That’s not acceptable now, you know. It’s, of course, politically incorrect.


Maybe we could thank the Great Spirit in the Sky, as the song from the 60’s said. Well, that won’t work either because that assumes there is a higher power other than the Almighty Human.

It seems that our society has lost its way and splintered into so many factions, crying for recognition, that it becomes harder each day to see our “alabaster cities gleam.” Someone said recently, “Our nation has become two nations inside one border.” I would agree and say that there may be more than only two nations inside our border.

Most of us realize how special America has been for well over 200 years. It has stood as the bastion for personal freedom. This is one of the deepest longings of the human heart. Tyrants come and tyrants go and they all swirl down into history’s cesspool of the selfish and power hungry. These men and women have ruled over, tortured and even murdered their own citizens to feed their own ego and regime.

We all know that America is not perfect. But it has stood the test of time. It is the nation that others can look to for help when disaster strikes. It is the nation that has rebuilt its defeated enemy nations in war time, and not conquered and dominated them. It is the nation that has provided Christian churches and organizations opportunities to share their message of hope around the globe. It is the nation that has welcomed with open arms the downtrodden of our world and offered them citizenship and a chance to build a stable life for their families. It is the nation to whom many have given everything they have on this earth to be a part of.

Yes, America is unique among the nations. It is exceptional and her freedoms, so far, still shine as a beacon of hope for many. We have our problems and we have witnessed so many factions among us lately, and it saddens us. But the fact remains that we are still here and, I pray, moving forward to preserve our resolve to be the light others need.

imagesAnd yes, it is still okay to be thankful to God for His rich and abundant blessings in our lives and in our land. So, be bold and do not hesitate to declare to family and friends around your great Thanksgiving meal that God is your object of thankfulness this year. No one has taken over His throne yet.