Angels – Part 1



There has been much interest in angels over the recent years. Our next two posts will concern friends of mine that believe they have had brief encounters with these messengers of God.

Before we get into the stories let me say I believe that the truths to be understood about angels are found in the Bible, and any “experience” that one may have should reconcile with what is explained in its pages. I recommend two excellent books regarding the subject. The first was copyrighted in 1975. It is titled Angels, God’s Secret Agents, written by Billy Graham. The second is written by Dr. David Jeremiah titled Angels, copyright 1996, 2006.


For the first twenty four years of his ministry this Pastor was a minister of music in west Texas. He experienced a thriving ministry and his wife was just as busy as he. Every week he became more and more involved in ministry opportunities and obligations; adult choir, senior choir, youth choir, rehearsals, retreats and performances, etc.  His wonderful wife was experiencing the same overextension.

This marriage was obviously headed for trouble and, of course it happened. There came that day when it all blew up, separation was in the sixth month and divorce was on the near horizon. This future Pastor painstakingly made a final visit to the house to gather his belongings and began driving to another town where his apartment was located.

During that morning drive he noticed a hitchhiker on the roadside. This did not seem to be a destitute person, but dressed well in clean, faded, pressed jeans and a clean shirt. So he graciously stopped to give the young man a ride. The first thing he heard from this rider was, “Hello Bobby, I’ve been waiting for you.”

Obviously Bobbie was stunned. When he asked how his name was known he did not get an answer. Instead the stranger told him things about his life that a stranger would surely not know.

He introduced himself as Johnny and told my friend that he had been there all night waiting for him. Bobby asked him where he slept. He said, “Right there.”


Bobbie asked him several times if he was an angel. Each time there was no direct answer, but a Scripture verse quoted.

In sincerity, Johnny turned to Bobby and said, “Your marriage will be ok. God will take care of you.”

As Bobby told this story his eyes watered and I knew it was just as real today as it was these many years ago.

Finally they came to the place where Johnny was to be dropped off. He got out of the passenger’s side door; Bobby took a quick look left at the traffic before turning back to say one last thank you and Johnny was nowhere in sight.


Pastor Bobby looked at me, tears in his eyes, and said, “Why would God do something like that for me and not for others? I don’t know. I feel embarrassed and humbled that He would do that for me.”

I asked him when he and his wife reconciled. He said that he called her immediately and they were back together that night. He has been a Pastor for 12 years at a wonderful church and his wife plays the piano there. They are enjoying a thriving ministry.

Hebrews 1:14 tell us that angels are spirits sent to serve for the sake of Christians. And in Hebrews 13:2 we are told that some have entertained angels, unknowingly, by showing hospitality to strangers.

You would never convince Pastor Bobby that Johnny was not an angel sent to him in his deepest need.