A Memorable Wedding


There are many aspects of church life and it seems that all of them have their own individual flair of interesting color and surprising circumstances. Take weddings for example. We always hope and pray that everything goes well at weddings; much is at stake and you only get one chance to do it right. Weddings are the culmination of usually months, if not years of planning, fretting, frustration, decisions, changes and surprises up until the last special moment of the announcement, “I present to you  for the first time Mr. and Mrs….“

What a grand design when mother and daughter and all of the other many family females collaborate and scheme, insuring that the end result is a great pageant that will please the bride and everyone involved (except the bride’s father of course, who will get stuck with most of the cash outlay). The ideal church has a center isle and all the amenities that are expected – beautiful carpet, perfect lighting, great sound system, pipe organ, etc. Rarely do you find a family that is frugal and desires a small celebration without much pomp and circumstance

One of those however occurred when the family asked their Pastor if they could use the parsonage for their wedding ceremony. The house was very nice and the Pastor’s wife was very accommodating and very attentive to detail. So the planning began and all the excitement along with it. The dresses, decorations and cakes were perfect. The house was cleaned spotless. The young couple and their party were handsome and excited. The music was nice and very appropriate and the ceremony was going splendidly. That is until the Pastor reached the point in the vows when he addresses the bride and says, “Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded…“ At that very moment, directly above them a cuckoo clock struck and sounded seven times, “cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo…“ That poor groom should have ended it all right there, called the wedding off and hit the door running. He didn’t have a chance at a respected marriage after that! I’m sure the guy is suffering to this day from that label.

Now, all of you young ladies that are planning your wedding – timing is everything in these situations. It would be next to impossible to duplicate this. So save your future husband the embarrassment. Or…on the other hand, it might be worth a try! Good luck!

It just goes to show you again that even God has a great sense of humor. We should all loosen up and enjoy life – the good, the uncomfortable and the surprises all make life interesting and memories splendid.